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August, 2013

Victory Barber & Brand

Men of Tweed, gather ’round and heed my words! All know that True Manliness, like Samson, comes from True Facial Hair. Pity those that do not grow, and shame on those who shave! This contest from the dark male lair which is Victory Barber and Brand, revels and celebrates all that is Good and Hairy. Victory has offered to judge …Continue reading →


Picnic Hampers for sale!

In the glorious traditions of purveyors of fine comestibles such as Fortum and Mason, Tweed Ride Victoria is proud to present the Chorizo & Co. Picnic Hamper. Superbly situated mere blocks from the start of the Ride, the proprietors are pleased to offer a selection of sweets and savouries to tantalize tweed tastes! “But how can I procure this?” you …Continue reading →


Best Male and Best Female Hat Contest

Tweed Riders! Our first, our very first contest is from one of our oldest and most dedicated sponsors, Roberta’s Hats.As in past rides, sartorial elegance is not only desired, but expected. And what better object to set off a smashing outfit than a cracker jack chapeau! Roberta’s Hats is proud to sponsor the Best Men’s and Best Women’s Hat competition. …Continue reading →


…And We’re Off!

Tickets for the 2013 ride are now on sale! Tickets are $10 for adults, and children under 12 are free. We’ve limited the number of tickets to 350 again this year, so get them while you can. See you at the ride! We will gather at St Anns Academy at 11 o’clock in the morning at set off for the …Continue reading →


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